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The Future of Video Content.

How much time do you spend on social media, especially YouTube and Instagram?

Maybe 2 hours or perhaps you sleep on these platforms.

The average user spends around 33.1 minutes on Instagram and 48.7 minutes on YouTube.

So there is an enormous opportunity in video creation.

You might have one question in mind: Will somebody watch my videos?

Who the hell am I?

I am not a celebrity; why does somebody pay attention to me?

Well, you don’t need to be a celebrity either.


But how will I get traction?

You need to focus on creating good content and building a loyal fan base.

Everything starts with building a community of like-minded people who think and are not necessarily working in the space niche but in a similar space. For example, they can be anyone, like a music producer, an artist, or a designer, but they all need to be content creators by heart.

Your videos need to solve people’s problems or make them happy.

The framework you can use if you want to make your videos interesting is:

1: Make it clear

2: Make it meaningful

3: Make it persuasive.

— –

If you want to make your video clear, then you need to know the people you’re making videos for. Make your writing easy to understand by avoiding jargon.

If you want to make your videos meaningful, then your content needs to save time and money or make people laugh. That’s what makes content valuable.

If you want to make your content persuasive, then add a CTA at the end.

— —

Will AI take over my job as a content creator?

No, you won’t.

AI is there to make you effective. You can save time by using AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E 3, and many more.

You can use those tools to get help in writing video scripts, coming up with perfect ideas for the future, and editing your videos.

Focus on using AI to your advantage.

Final thoughts:

You need to start producing videos and be consistent for 90 days to get some tangible results.

Always be ready to experiment and test your ideas.

Find an accountability partner that will support you in your journey.

Always ready to collaborate with others to create a masterpiece.

Focus on your values and ethics to build a loyal audience that will respect you for your character and style.

Use the framework shared in this article to get results.

Remember, people will always listen to people, not AI.

Hence, video content is the future.

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